Tonight's Emmy Awards will include talk of fashion, the red carpet and whether or not Breaking Bad will take home the award over True Detective. For me, it's about those gift bags full of randomly awesome gifts that we all would love to have. 


A few days ago, it was revealed what will be in tonight's Emmy Award gift bags. These are the reason I'd go to the awards show. Let's be honest, going on some cleansing diet to fit into a dress and look great on the red carpet never wins over sitting at home in your comfy pants chowing down on popcorn. However, the gift bags would get me to try another salad or two.


The gift is worth around $18,000. Yep, you read that right. Pretty dang close to many of our yearly salaries. Holy goodness!

  • ILUV Selfy phone case
  • Innergie LifeHub
  • Black Lace Skin Jewelry
  • Mary Grace Swimwear (reversible suits)
  • USAOPOLY- The Selfie Game
  • Antonio Villard Cigars
  • Paragon – AK10
  • Morinda – TruAge Age Therapy Gel
  • Gardner and Gang children’s clothing line
  • The Chroma Studio Salon – Hair products/essentials
  • Sicky Eyewear
  • Project Shoe – Online custom shoe design
  • Inni Nails – digital art that can be transformed into nail art
  • Project Treasure – keepsake chest filled with notes