WOW.  The VMA's are always a spectacle, and last night didn't disappoint!  Here's my recap of the MTV Video Music Awards!

Miley Cyrus - You've got to start this year's VMA coverage out by talking about Miley Cyrus.  She was a TRAINWRECK.  It started off with her coverage on the red carpet, and was solidified by her disgusting performance with Robin Thicke (let me enter in a reminder to Miley that he is married here).  Miley was uncomfortable to watch in her "I want to prove I'm all grown up" performance as she grinded and did her stripper dance at the horror of the audience.

Justin Timberlake - sir, you can do no wrong. Justin performed what was probably a 20 minute set - with special guest NSYNC by his side.  Just did a variety of new tunes and old tunes, and was amazing to watch through every minute.  After a bunch of lip-syncing and lack luster performances before him in the evening, he was a welcome treat.  He personally gives me hope that music - real music - can still happen.

Taylor Swift - enough.  We know you are now part of the cool girl club.  Enough of your attitude.  Did you catch her "shut the BLANK up" comment when her ex Harry Styles was on the stage?  Did you catch her I'm too cool for school looks and dancing throughout the evening.  I'm sorry MTV, enough is enough with the Taylor Swift.

N'SYNC - well that was fun.  And over.  I'm glad.

Lady Gaga - you are amazing.  I get that MTV is trying to get you to out do yourself year after year.  It almost feels like the same relationship as in the Hunger Games.  Kuddos for you for the bikini and thong look.  You're much braver than I.

These are my highlights - what do you think I am missing?