It seems everyone wants to jump on the the X Factor show with Simon Cowell!  Not sure why everyone want to work with him, but they do!  Up next - Fergie!

In a press conference call this afternoon, 'X Factor' mastermind Simon Cowell confirmed that Fergie's name was "put forward" in the ongoing saga of settling on a panel of judges for the fall show.

Cowell also revealed that Gloria Estefan showed up at the Miami auditions this morning and was "great." But did she "do that conga?!"

Simon, who's in London at the moment, was not aware that Estefan was planning to crash the auditions but seemed open to considering her for the ever-growing pool of prospective judges.

"I had no idea she was going to be there but apparently, she was fantastic," said Cowell. While the purpose of the call was to talk up the audition studios the show has planted in the further reaches of the country, like Anchorage, Alaska and Honolulu, Hawaii, Cowell did touch on the talent search everyone really focused on right now: 'The X Factor' judges' search.