You know what I am talking about.  You have been out of the gym for a long time, and you take the big step to walk in the front doors.  From that moment on you feel like you have a ginormous lighted sign above your head that says first day back, I don't know what I am doing, look at me mess it all up.  When in reality, no one probably even notices!

I was in a silly car accident in April and I have had a tough time getting back to healthy, and am excited that my Physical Therapy now actually allows me to move around - but it also shows me just how out of shape that I am!   It was definitely a humbling moment.  My goal is to be ready to roll to run the Drop and Trot 5k at the end of September.  Here we go.

Week 1 was rough.  I thought I was going to have to walk out of my yoga class because I thought I may get sick, and it took me everything I had to do my 4 different weight exercises the first try.  I hurt everywhere, and really feel a long way away from where I was before the accident.  It was one ginormous big boo! Oh well - HERE'S TO WEEK 2!