Lots of people are saying that Lady Gaga ripped pages out of Madonna's book and put her name on it when she created her new track "Born This Way." If you haven't heard one or both of them we have a comparison right here and also what Madonna thinks of the whole fiasco.

Amy Sciarretto  - PopCrush.com

While many critics have pointed out that Gaga’s brand new, record-shattering and anthemic single smacks of Madge’s 1989 empowerment anthem ‘Express Yourself,’ the two divas aren’t beefing over the similarities. After all, Gaga said Madonna personally gave the song her blessing. That’s a big deal. Big.

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Lady Gaga's "Born This Way"

Madanna's "Express Yourself"

Here are the two songs played over each other for even more comparison. Thanks Borges911