These are all of the finalists . The 2012 Gallatin Valley Girl will be crowned June 8th at Mixers. Show starts at 7pm

The Online Voting has concluded. Adding the scoring of the online voting and the judges voting at Mixers June 8th, we will crown the 2012 Gallatin Valley Girl! See you out there for all the fun!

the Finalists...

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Joan, 23

I have been working in the community for the past five years and have become a resident of Montana. I go to school at MSU, and have experience in modeling. I am fun, sassy, very photogenic and would love to be in the calendar!

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Ashley, 23

I think it would be a fantastic honor to be the 2012 Gallatin Valley Girl to represent all those gorgeous independent girls in our valley. And of course to stand for the “King of Beers” Budweiser.

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Kate, 23

I want to be the 2012 Gallatin Valley Girl because I have lived in Bozeman all my life and I have what it takes to represent this Valley. From work to nightlife, education to recreation, I’ve done it all and I know what makes the Gallatin Valley great!

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Tessa, 21

Being Gallatin Valley Girl of 2012 is a great opportunity to meet people and be part of something that I have never participated in. I just think it would be a great opportunity in general.

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Leah, 21

It would bring me great pleasure to become the 2012 Gallatin Valley Girl because I am a very outgoing and outdoors person. I enjoy interacting with people and involving myself with social activities. Many of the activities I take part in such as skiing, horse back riding, mountain biking, water skiing as well as hiking and running have become a way to endure my social skills as well as my love and passion for the outdoors.Becoming the Gallatin Valley Girl will give me the opportunity to expand my social network and achieve the opportunity to become a good leader and roll model.

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Angie, 24

I am a Montana girl through and through. I love anything outdoors: hiking, biking, camping, backpacking, skiing, snowshoeing, rafting, floating, doing 5k races, anything that gets me out into our beautiful surroundings. I couldn't ask for a better place to live than Bozeman, not just because of the outdoor activities, but because of the culture, the people, and the amazing opportunities only Bozeman provides. I would be perfect as the Gallatin Valley Girl because I love Bozeman more than anywhere else in the world, and although I'm from Butte, I still call Bozeman Home.

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Jennifer, 28

I would love to represent the Gallatin Valley! Even though I am a "transplant" from the east coast, I've been here for several years and I'm proud to call Bozeman my home! I love the mountains, the summers, the people, and the music scene. I think I've got the outgoing personality and infectious energy that this contest is looking for! I've got a killer sense of humor, and I love making people laugh. There's a lot I want to accomplish in life, and ambition is key.

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AshleE, 23

My dream is to be a model and I think this would be a great start. I also think that I would represent the Gallatin Valley very well in the 2012 calender. I am super outdoorsy and have a smile that can light up a room in a second so not only would I look nice in the calender, but I love this place and the all of the activities we are able to do, snowmobiling, hunting, hiking, floating, snowboarding, and so on!!!! It would be a very awesome opportunity and something for my family and me (and someday my children) to be proud of. I believe I can be the perfect Gallatin Valley Girl for the calender.

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Michelle, 27

I grew up in the Gallatin Valley my entire life, I couldn't think of a better title to compete for than Gallatin Valley Girl. Home is where the heart is.

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Amanda, 23

I would like to be the Gallatin Valley Girl honestly because it would be fun! I am from Montana and love to do anything adventurous and exciting! I have a fun and outgoing personality and love to socialize with people. Being the Gallatin Valley Girl would be a neat opportunity to meet new people and have a good time! :-)

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Bethany, 29

First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Bethany and I was born here in Bozeman but grew up in Big Sky. My entire childhood was spent in the mountains and I truly cherish every last memory. I have always considered myself the kind of girl who can be dressed up in diamonds or be covered in mud and still feel comfortable and have a good time. I feel my laid back attitude would represent our community well. It is hard for me to say exactly why I want to be the next 2012 Gallatin Valley Girl because this is the first GVG contest and no one has yet to establish what the Gallatin Valley Girl represents but it would be an honor to be the girl chosen to set the stage for the rest. And of course to represent Budweiser would be an honor all on it's own. Voting Closed

Alicia, 23

I am the Gallatin Valley Girl of 2012 because I represent Bozeman in all forms. I love doing everything outdoors such as hiking, camping, skiing, snowhoeing, running - you name it, and I'm in. I try to be as earth-friendly as possible by recycling, I am a graduate of MSU, I am connected to the community through teaching salsa dance lessons and attending other various functions, and have done my share of hunting. I would be proud to be the face of the 2012 Gallatin Valley Girl.

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AnnabellE, 21

I love acting and modeling, I feel I am a great spokesperson for I am professional and I get along with about everyone. I want to be someone who can make a difference, to not be afraid to take chances, to live life. I have one son and I know the responsibilities of being a parent, I love it.

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Jenny, 24

The reason why I am applying for the 2012 Gallatin Valley Girl? If you don't go for what you want what's the point of wanting?

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Shannon, 33

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