George Clooney is the definition of a movie star.  He's gorgeous, successful, talented - and of course has beautiful woman with him at all times. His relationships with these lovely ladies don't last long, and rumors say he will never settle down and get married.  For the last two years, he has been dating Stacy Keibler.  Stacy is a knock out, doesn't say much, and looked like the perfect arm candy for George.  Now, they have split (SHOCKER).  They say it's because they are too busy to spend time together.  She's filming a new TV show in LA.  George is filming his new movie in Italy.

Here's my question - would you date George Clooney?  Seriously.  If you met him while he was hanging out in Bozeman enjoying the mountains, would you get into a relationship with him?

My answer is no.  And it's not a no just because my fiance will probably read this post. It's a no because I've been with a classic "womanizer" before, and I wouldn't go back down that road if someone paid me.  Not even for George Clooney.