This has been very detrimental to my productivity as of late. At my house, we do not have cable because I realized how much time I spent searching for something to entertain me and also the cost didn't justify it. But yesterday I turned on my ps3 to try out a new game I purchased, and I saw Hulu Plus was offering a free one month trial!

What better time of the year to have unlimity streaming on-demand tv shows and movies? Do you want this free trial? All you need to do is turn on your ps3, Download the Hulu Plus app under your video services on your PS3 and it will show you a code. Then go to, sign up an new or existing account, enter in the code and you get one free month of Hulu Plus. Don't have a PS3? Here's an free offer for students.

I've already watched the entire season of The New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel and now I've moved on to Tosh.0 and Japanese Anime. Don't let my choice of shows diswade you there are many genres to choose from.

Of course many of these shows you can already watch for free on the networks' websites or on on your computer, but being able to stream them all on the same app and on your living room TV is pretty satisfying. Happy indoor Holidays!