It's official!  It's down to three couples in the Gift Worth Giving Wedding Giveaway!  Congrats to Aimee Kissel and Gerald Brunckhorst of Belgrade and Bozeman, Jennifer Schrock and Garrison SinClair of Bozeman and Holly Coville and Joshua Watson of Livingston!

Here are their stories, as written by Megan Jacks from After 5 & Weddings, one of the founders The Gift Worth Giving!

Aimee Kissel and Gerald Brunckhorst were both looking for a second chance at love - both raising daughters and hoping to meet that special person with whom to spend the rest of their lives.  For Gerald it was difficult to find someone who would not be afraid to begin a relationship with him because he has kidney disease.  Three times a week he has dialysis in order to give him the time needed to receive a transplant.  Twenty two years ago his sister donated one of her kidneys so that he could live a healthy life, but now he needs another transplant.  Aimee looks at it this way, “I know that anything could happen in the future. He may not make it to old age with me, but because of his strength and our love we believe he will.”  They live every day being present and in love and look forward to being married.

Jennifer Schrock and Garrison SinClair met during high school at Mt. Ellis Academy here in Bozeman.  After high school they reconnected and fell in love, spending as much time together as possible while living five hours apart.  Now that they live in Bozeman, they spend a great deal of time volunteering both at the school and throughout the community.  Garrison asked Jennifer to marry him on New Years Eve at sunrise and they are looking forward to their wedding day.  Both Jennifer and Garrison grew up in Montana, Jennifer outside Billings and Garrison in Browning.  They lead a youth group and volunteer with groups such as Eagle Mount as well as working full time, and completing college.  As Jennifer says about Garrison, “He is my best friend and my other half.”

Holly Coville and Joshua Watson have been through a lot.  Holly moved twenty times before her eighth grade year.  At that time her family was living without electricity and plumbing and she was no longer able to get to a school at all.  With just an eighth grade education Holly was able to join a program which allowed her to complete her GED and receive an associates degree.  She is now attending MSU full time as well as working to support herself.  Josh works full time for the City of Bozeman while commuting back and forth from Livingston in their only vehicle.  They’ve tried to plan a wedding in the past year, but know that they could only afford a courthouse wedding. As Holly puts it, “It is our dream to share a beautiful Montana wedding with our families.”

We will find out who the winner is on Valentines Day!  Good luck to the finalist couples!