Perhaps it's because I got my taxes done yesterday with a good look at my annual taxable income that made me a bitter little monkey about "homes in Bozeman priced over 1 million dollars". I do not resent those who have or make far more than I do.

However, isn't the high end market for everything generally healthy? If you're genuinely wealthy you can afford's just a question of getting a "bargain" or not, right?

In my world (and in the world of most people I know) it's a REQUIREMENT to get a bargain on most things. If not a bargain, it's necessary to save up and budget tightly for things that are anything but a basic requirement.

With that said, it's important for ALL levels of a local economy to be vibrant and healthy. When one sector slumps, others are generally soon to follow. Thank you to the folks at Platinum Properties for this early 2015 Bozeman update.