Is he a jerk or does he have a point? In Florida, a Starbucks saw an incredible chain of generosity. One customer started a pay-it-forward chain and it went on for 10 hours and 458 customers. Until this guy...


Pulling up to the window, Peter Schorsch was told about the pay-it-forward chain that had been happening and he said no.


The reason? Peter said he felt like the line had become a marketing gimmick. The whole story is HERE.


It seems that people aren't faulting Peter for the decision he made. I'm not planning to "fault him" per se, I just think it's interesting how he intentionally stopped the pay-it-forward line because he didn't want to be part of a "marketing gimmick" yet he's getting all this attention (from me, too, I realize that) and is being asked to be interviewed because of it. If I'm not mistaken, this "marketing gimmick" avoidance has turned into a self-marketing gimmick.


Peter chose to break the line but tipped the barista $100. I thought I'd note that so I don't sound like a total hater.