Who would have thought?  Oreo cookies turn 100 years old today!  Oreo's were a favorite of mine as a kid - but I know lots of people make different things out of them. What's your favorite way to eat or use Oreo's?  Whats  your favorite Recipe to include them in?

Here's some Oreo info from the New York Post!

While it was always a sandwich cookie, the Oreo started out as the "Oreo Biscuit" sold alongside two other cookies: The Mother Goose and the Veronese. By 1921, the Oreo had surpassed its cookie counterparts and was sold on its own as the "Oreo Sandwich," and later as the "Oreo Crème Sandwich." The cookie the world knows and loves today is dubbed the "Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie," although it comes in many forms. Oreo Cookie variations have included a lemon-cream flavor, Double and Triple Stuf Oreos, and even an "inside-out" version that featured vanilla cookies with chocolate filling.