Want a higher paying job? You might want to look into a job on the Montana State University campus. The State Board of Regents recently approved raises for administrators and coaches and you won't believe how much some of them get paid.

A 2.3 percent raise was voted on and passed for the Montana State University President and the University of Montana President.

Montana State University President Waded Cruzado $296,000 annual salary - $289,466 in 2013

University of Montana President Royce Engstrom $296,000 annual salary - $289,466 in 2013

Coaches at the universities also received salary increases.

Montana State Football Coach Rob Ash $179,000 annual salary

University of Montana Football Coach Mick Delaney's $165,557 annual salary

University of Montana men's basketball coach Wayne Tinkle $138,000 annual salary

Montana State University Men's Basketball Coach Brad Huse $117,000 annual salary

University of Montana Women's Basketball Coach Robin Selvig $149,000 annual salary

Montana State University Women's Basketball Coach Tricia Bader-Binford $138,000 annual salary

Annual tuition for an undergraduate Montana resident at Montana State University is $16,170. The annual cost of an undergraduate Montana resident at the University of Montana is $14,225.

[via AP]