Feel like ripping your hair out after the Holiday?  Here's a great article on how to get your life back on track!

You did it. Ribbons are slung everywhere, there's wax all over your

good tablecloth, and the fridge is bursting with delectable leftovers.

And now? Time to get your life on track again--regroup, catch up,

resurrect routines and start good habits. But first, pour yourself

another cup of coffee and relax. You've earned it.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1.  Get immediate closure by writing your holiday thank-you notes.

2. Fine-tune your storage system for your tree trimmings and other holiday decorations. See 135 Organize Gift Wrap and Seasonal Decorations.

3. Plan your budget for the upcoming year. See 228 Design a Savings Plan.

4. Kiss that sugar high good-bye. Toss or freeze sweets, look lustfully at those leftover mashed potatoes one last time, and stock up on healthy food. Getting back to eating right is one of the quickest ways to feel on top of your game again. See 297 Plan a Week of Menus and 298 Organize Grocery Store Trips.

5. Get your exercise program back on track if you're kicking yourself for not getting to the gym over the holidays (see 25 Design Your Workout Schedule). It can be hard to get the momentum going, but the minute you start working out again, you'll feel better. Exercise also strengthens the immune system, helping your body resist viruses that are particularly virulent during the winter months (see 27 Prepare for Cold and Flu Season).

6. Tinker with your priorities to make sure they're still working for you. Find ways to bring your life back into balance. Create new (or bring back) family traditions, such as game night every Sunday or movie-and-pizza night on Friday evenings.

7. Designate a night for putting holiday photos in albums and frames or burning digital photos onto CDs. See 53 Organize Your Photos.

8. Set up a toy-storage system or you'll find that half the new toys are broken or have missing parts by Valentine's Day. Enlist your kids on this project. Ask them to make a pile of toys to give away