Last week was my boyfriend Ross's birthday.  His sister Taylor called me up and we decided to make him a football cake.  He was playing with his band at Mixers, so we knew we needed to be able to feed a lot of people.  Taylor came up with a wonderful idea, a Green Bay Football Field!  I loved it from the first second - but in my mind this was a much smaller cake. She, had different ideas.

As we started talking, she brought up the fact we could do angel food cake - Ross's favorite - and stack them two tall and three wide to make the field.  It was brilliant!  Thank goodness she new what she was doing, because I was lost!  Then came the realization that not only was I going to have to get this cake from her house to mine to frost it after baking, but then I was going to have to get it from my house to Mixers on his birthday night.  YIKES!

Everything went really well, and only one chocolate covered pretzel goal post lost it's life in the transport process!  And bottom line - he loved the cake!

That's a boom.  A huge thanks to Taylor!!!