This past weekend, my fiance REALLY wanted to go to Iron Man 3.  He loves all of the comic book movies.  I did NOT want to go.  It truthfully was the last thing I wanted to do on a sunny afternoon in Bozeman. Have I seen either Iron Man 1 or 2, no. To my defense, I went to Tron 2 with him when it came out and hated every second of it.  I am damaged after that one when it comes to boy movies.  But he really wanted to go, so I begrudgingly went.  I will admit it straight out the gate, I was wrong.

Iron Man 3 is great.  It's entertaining, funny, not too gory - truth be told I would watch it again.  Robert Downy Junior does an amazing job as the main character.  The producers of the film did a great job on making it funny and and enough un-boy like (best way I could come up with explaining it) to keep the females happy as they knew comic book loving men would have to see the film. Guys, this one is safe to take your lady friend to.  Ladies, impress your men by saying you'll go with him to see Iron Man 3.  I promise you you'll enjoy it too.

By the way.  The numbers speak for it self.  Here's the top 3 from the weekend.

  1. Iron Man 3, $175.3 million
  2. Pain & Gain, $7.6 million
  3. 42, $6.2 million