Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed their new baby girl to the world this weekend and named her Blue Ivy. Blue Ivy Carter. Celebrities have been known to dole out strange names for their kids but this one seems to be generating quite the buzz. Is it a secret code?

Rumors are soaring over mountains and across oceans via Twitter and Facebook and - blogs! Could the name be something more than just the silly name it appears on the surface?

Some say the name is a coalescence of the parents favorite things. Blue for Jay-Z's favorite color and Ivy for IV, or 4, Beyonce's favorite number. But that's boring.

Other theories go much deeper. Some say that Ivy is an acronym for 'Illuminati's Very Youngest.' If you haven't seen or read the Davinci Code or Angels and Demons, the Illuminati is a secret group of people bent on controlling the world under their own agenda by covertly infiltrating governments and counsels. Why this could be the name's meaning is beyond me. I don't see Jay-Z or Beyonce being a part of the society.

And an even more out there rumor claims that Blue Ivy spelled backwards, Eulb Yvi, means Lucifer's Daughter. Michael K, over at, did some research and found no such Latin words.

What does it all mean? My theory is that when too uber famous people have a kid, they have this strong urge to treat the kid's identity as they would a new album, movie, high fashion dress, or moisturizer cream. My immediate thoughts go to what the kids childhood will be like when she interacts with other kids. Will she be called names? Will they have a competition for who has the weirdest name?  But then I realize she won't have a childhood that relates to my own and my empathy is then thwarted.

Celebs, I'll never understand them but I thank them for making life a bit more extraordinary.