So I started with one simple video - the best sports sound bites - and then I followed the related videos until I was no long entertained. Where did it take me?

I continued on to the Top Ten Greatest One Liners. I chose this because Zach Gallifinacus was in the featured image. It turned out the creator doesn't know what 'one liner' means and showed his favorite clips from movies and tv shows. I guess you need the context surrounding the one liners if you haven't seen the show before.

A little disapointed I needed a bit of a pick me up and 25 Funny One Liners in 2 Minutes sounded like it would do the trick. Oh and it did. The above YouTube user should take notes.

Then as YouTube always does it got a little weird with the video titled Jim Carrey Parody of Bieber

Did you notice that wasn't Jim Carrey? The next was difficult to decide but I excitedly clicked to see Johnny Depp's Impersonations

Then I found Jim Carrey's confession to Emma Stone of his unyielding love. [Creepy!]

Which then led me to this video of Emma Stone screaming at Michael Cera on the set of Superbad. Is it real?

And then another on set rant including Michael Cera getting fired on Knocked Up. Is it real?

And then I was led to the extra content from the Superbad DVD that should clear this all up

And another. I think these videos might take up at lest 30% of the internet

Maybe this was all just an act. In Michael Cera's audition for Superbad he does a spectacular job

And in searching for the end of YouTube I found the second video I had initially started with. Does that mean I found the end or finding the end impossible? I'll give it another try in Vol 2 of 'Is There an End to YouTube?'