If someone said that to me I would foot stomp them and kick them out the door.  My dogs are my family.  What do you think?

A new poll from AP-Petside.com asked pet owners if they'd dump their pet or their spouse/significant other if they had to give up one. The vast majority -- 84 percent -- said they'd pick their spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend, but 14 percent said they'd choose their pet.
There was no difference between dog and cat owners, but unmarried people were more likely to choose their pet than those who were married, by 25 percent to eight percent. Women were much more likely to say the choice would be a tough one, but when it came down to it, both sexes were equally likely to chose their spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend. City dwellers were more like to say the choice would be difficult, by 47 percent, compared to suburbanites, 35 percent, or rural residents, 25 percent.