Thanks to Bambi from the American Red Cross for coming in this morning!  PLEASE HELP with our special St. Patty's day blood drive by making your appointment! The need is constant, especially right now!

Bambi also helped us answer the question of where the heck to start with helping Japan.  It's very simple - you can make a $10 donation by simply texting REDCROSS to 90999!

A disaster expert from the American Red Cross arrived today in Toyko to serve on a seven-person, international team focused on providing high-level support and advice to the Japanese Red Cross following last week’s earthquake and tsunami. Within days, she will conduct assessments from some of the hardest hit areas in the north.

Since early Friday morning when the earthquake struck off shore, triggering a tsunami that spanned the entire Pacific Basin, the American Red Cross has been in close contact with its colleagues in the region to offer our support. Given widespread damage and enormous humanitarian needs, the Japanese Red Cross indicated that it would accept financial support from the American Red Cross for its role providing first aid, emotional support and relief items to those displaced.

Authorities estimate at least 370,000 people have been evacuated or displaced—many of which have evacuated to the 2,000 shelters operated by the government and supported by the Japanese Red Cross. Local Red Cross volunteers in Japan have handed out more than 46,000 blankets so far, and nearly 28,000 more have been sent to the affected area for further distribution.