Youtube has become somewhat of a do-it-your-selfer's best friend.   Ya I know Justin Bieber was discovered on Youtube, but for the rest of us nobodies, Youtube is more than the X Factor minus Simon Cowell.  I have a hankering to remodel the master bathroom in our house and would like to install the tile shower myself. (My wife doesn't know this yet) I typed "tile shower construction" in Youtube and voila, step by step instructions.  In fact, if you type in 'bathroom' and 'Bieber' together, you'll find some vintage video of Justin singing in front of his bathroom mirror!  How about Bieber and piano...wait where was I? Focus Pete Focus.  I've even learned more from Youtube on how to play the piano than I ever did from private piano lessons. (My wife also teaches piano, please don't tell her) A few years ago when the song 'Clocks' from Coldplay came out, I wanted to learn how to play the piano part.  There were half dozen piano teachers on Youtube willing to teach me for free! And finally my little daughter just loves babies, so she and I typed in "baby laughing" and found this gem.

Let's face it, people love sharing what they have and do (some of it we would rather they not).  From Bieber to bathrooms, Youtube is here to stay.  Now if only I knew how to install the plumbing.  Let's see Justin do that!