Round these parts the outdoors and proficiency therein are a lifestyle necessity. Having skills and looking good is just a sweet bonus reserved for the steezy and hooked up.

On the East side of town there is a studio. In this studio is a man. In this man is a world of pragmatic design and creativity manifested through bags, or sacks in this case. Alex Buck has been making his own creations for friends and by request from his wee studio filled with miles of neon canvas and piles of incredible prototypes.

The idea for Knapp Sacks came to Buck when he got sick of the over-complicated technical bags filling the market. He grew up canoeing with dry bags and loved the simple design lacking zippers to jam and buckles to break. With this momentum he set to work designing and sewing a truly unique and refreshingly simple product: the Knapp Sack. Comfortable, simple and one of a kind. Buck is hard at work every day cranking out orders and preparing to test his creations on trail, looking to expand his internet business but also taking the time to challenge his designs through tough trials. Check out the site and photos, you just might need one to go with your lab, five-finger running shoes and road bike for that singular Bozeman look.

Peace and knappiness.