Some people may argue over who is smarter than who. Thankfully we now have some insight on just how well-read we are to possibly put an end to the debate. 

A research firm analyzed over 500,000 tweets across America just to see how literate each state is. The good news? Montana is one of the smartest. The bad news? We are surrounded by idiots.

All in all, the entire nation has an average of 4th to 6th grade reading levels. We might need to step our game up, you think? One thing to note, however, the age of the Tweeters were not taken into consideration. Still, it is quite interesting to see how well Montana fairs against our neighbors.

According to the real estate website Movato:

The top eight states that demonstrated their reading level best on Twitter are all in the North and are split equally between the Northeast and the cluster of states that include Minnesota, both Dakotas, and Montana.

In the well-recognized State of the States in Education report that is based on 2009 data, half of those states were listed in the top 20% of states for 8th-grade reading proficiency.


So, which states barely made the passing grade? It appears that the least educated states in America are Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alabama.

Diving deeper into the study, there did appear to be an actual correlation between the tweets published and the IQ's in each respective state. Our advice? To make you (and your state) appear to be just a tad bit smarter, spell check those Tweets and read them out loud before posting! It's making some of you look bad.