My favorite commercial yesterday was by far the Bud Light Dog Party - How about you?

USA Today's Ad Meter tracked the real-time responses of a panel of viewers to the Super Bowl ads. Tied for first place were the Bud Light ad in which a man has dogs he's dog-sitting cater his party, and the Doritos ad in which a man taunts a pug through a glass door with the chips. The top 10 were:

1. (tie) Bud Light dog party

2. (tie) Pug taunted by Doritos

3. Kid dressed as Darth Vader turns on VW Passat

4. Roommate brings back friend's grandpa from the dead using Doritos.

5. Man's wife throws Pepsi Maxx at him when he smiles at pretty girl and hits the girl instead, knocking her out.

6. Careerbuilder chimps park too close to man in parking lot.

7. Different thoughts of man and woman on a date before Pepsi Maxx arrives.

8. NFL spot that showed football-related clips of classic TV shows.

9. Bridgestone spot in which a beaver pays back a man who saved its life.

10. Two enemy border guards share some Coca-Cola.