On Tuesday, March 19, 2013 I am celebrating my 30th birthday by hosting the first ever region-wide Variety Show in southwest Montana.  This is 100% local talent coming together to raise funds and awareness for our local YMCA and their youth programs.  As the Muppets always had a guest, I am asking Ellen DeGeneres to be our special guest to be SAWED in HALF by Magician Walt Woolbaugh for our grand finale.   This is an invitation we created for Ellen, filming all over Bozeman, Montana over the course of 4 months, created by Andrew Preston and myself.  We have sent her over 55 copies and figured in case they missed it in their grip of fan mail, we would make it easy for them to find us.  ENJOY!  SPREAD THE LOVE! ELLEN! COME TO MONTANA!  What do you have to lose but your legs?