I don't even try to hide it.  I  work hard everyday to get to live in Montana to play in the Mountains.  And for me in the winter that means SNOWBOARDING! I learned how to snowboard as soon as I moved to Bozeman over 10 years ago, and I never get sick of it!  This past weekend I got to spend Day 1 of the 2010 - 2011 season in BIG SKY!

The day was a huge success.  Ross and I headed up around 10am, ate a quick lunch in the parking lot and got ready to go.  We walked up to get our lift tickets and ran right into David Letterman.  Got to love Big Sky for things like that.  I am not sure he was having a great day - he was talking about how he just wanted to get a candy bar and to go home.  ANYHOO - only about 1/4 of the mountain was open but that's actually ok because day 1 my legs get tired quickly.  The sun was out and you could find areas of powder everywhere.  No big falls, good terrain and awesome snow - stoked on a successful day 1 in Heaven!