When I first met my boyfriend Ross, I was a huge disappointment. :) Just kidding, but not really!  Being a radio DJ, he thought he was meeting someone who had to be "in the know" about music and it's gadgets.  Ha, not so much.  I sit in front of a radio every day, with a database of music in front of me that most would dream of. AND - I have a wonderful Engineer that keeps me on air, and makes sure everything is working correctly.  You should have seen the look on Ross's face the first road trip we were on when he handed me his iPod and said, pick some of your favorites.  I didn't know how to even turn the thing on.  Where are the buttons?  What's this ginormous circle thing.  He's been laughing ever since.

Yesterday, Ross broke our no Valentines Day present agreement - and surprised me with my first ever iPod.  It's a Nano (which I cannot help but keep repeating like they did on Mork & Mindy), it's tiny, pink, and he already loaded it with music for me.  I can now use it at the gym instead of my Droid (yes - people do laugh at me), and I am super excited!  THANK YOU ROSS!  Forewarning if you see me at the Ridge, I'll probably be singing out loud.  :)