Last night my girl friend Jackie and I went out to eat at Over The Taps in Downtown Bozeman.  We had never been in before, and I was very skeptical.  I was wrong.

See, I don't eat anything.  I am a typical farm bred eater.  Meat, vegi's and a potato - and I am a happy camper.  I don't like anything spicy, sweet, sour ect.  I am very boring.  I knew that Over The Tapas was known for it's appetizer type servings, the fun of sharing your food with the rest of the table, and creative dishes - this all made me think I wouldn't like it.  Again, I was VERY wrong.

We ordered the Scallops, Asparagas, A potato dish (Don't remember the name), Sirloin Skewers, A beef baked thingy (AGAIN, I told you I know nothing about food), and LOBSTER BACON MAC AND CHEESE.  And yes, it does deserve capital letters.  We ate it all.  For two hours, we enjoyed every single bite we had.  I suggest Tapas to anyone looking for a fun night out, but be ready to eat...You will LOVE the food.  OH - and another tip, sit in Shawns section.  He helped us pick out exactly what we wanted and I think it had alot to do with our HUGE success with everything!

I will TOTALLY be making a return to trip to Over The Tapas.  I suggest you do the same!