You loved Pac-Man at the arcade and he may soon come to your television. A TV show that claims to be similar to the hit ABC show Wipeout except with Pac-Man inspired obstacles and characters. Would you watch?

According to Deadline, that real-life game of Pac-Man might not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Apparently,

Merv Griffin Entertainment is actively pitching an unscripted reality series based on the hungry bastard to coincide with his thirtieth anniversary. No networks have bitten yet, but they’re very serious about the project, currently being described as a “big crazy Wipeout-type event”. What the hell that means is anyone’s guess, but if this ever comes to fruition, it certainly will be a spectacle.

Here’s your cool Pac-Man fact of the day: 94% of all American consumers identified the character in a recent study. That’s almost McDonalds-level branding. Well played.