Bozeman has a new Pizza place!  It's called Pizza Campania and its located at  1285 N. Rouse, In the newly remodeled granary building!  They use a big wood fire stove, and I can't wait to check this place out!

According to their website
- "Pizza Campania is a classic Neapolitan Pizzeria. We prepare our pizza as it is done in Naples, Italy – the old fashioned way. We use a special flour made exactly for wood oven baking. Our tomatoes are grown near Naples in fields with volcanic soil, rendering a characteristic flavor. These tomatoes are also hand-picked by family run businesses allowing them to ripen on the vine. Our Cheese is also Italian – you may choose between the classic Mozzarella or the Bufala Mozzarella."

They are open from 11am - 9pm Tuesday thru Sunday!  WHO'S HUNGRY!?!