Anyone who has spent any time in the Hockey world here in Bozeman knows that there is a major problem with lack of ice time.  Skating starts seven days a week at 6am, and hockey games often go until midnight. Picture in your mind for a moment the thought if there was only one football field in town - that had to be used for kids football, high school, college, marching band practices, cheerleading rehearsals etc.. there wouldn't be as many people around the sport as there is.  That's the same problem Bozeman Hockey is facing. Programs through the Bozeman Public Schools, Eagle Mount, MSU, Bozeman Figure Skating Association, Bozeman Icedogs, and Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association currently use the ice and all are turning away new skaters from our over-capacity rink. Well, we can change that.

The "Raise The Ice" project would put a second sheet of ice at the Gallatin Valley Fairgrounds, that would be open year round.  Hockey teams could practice throughout the summer, ice skaters would learn more routines, and the general population of Bozeman could enjoy free skates more often.  Eagle Mount would get more time to have specialized programs for their participants.