The answer is yes. Yes, you can become popular (and somewhat famous) by looking like a doll. Especially when it's all authentic. Well, almost all.

16-year old Lolita Richie from the Ukraine hasn't heard of anyone else looking like Barbie but her. In the past couple of years, there have been a couple of women who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery just to look like Barbie. The two despise each other. Richie, by the way, hasn't heard of either of these women.


Oh, burn!




Lolita says that she has had zero plastic surgery. She's 5'4", has a 20-inch waist and stands by the fact that her 32 F bra size is all-natural. With only a wig, a push up bra, makeup and color contact lenses, Lolita can transform into Barbie.




Is this kind of attention setting us back about 50 years?