The media is a buzz with all the planning and hype for the royal wedding between Prince William and Catherine (Kate) Middleton. The wedding is just a bit over a couple of months away on April 29th and the invitations have been sent. What does one wear to an event like that? The invitations include all the details including the specific dress code.

Joanna Douglas - Shine

Invitations for the royal wedding were mailed out last week, and loads more details about the impending nuptials are coming in, such as who will be attending the big event and what guests will be wearing! While rumors are swirling that wedding outfitter Bruce Oldfield will be designing Kate Middleton's gown, we now know for sure what attendees must wear to the Westminster Abbey wedding, as the dress code was printed on the invitations: "uniform, morning coat or lounge suit." Sounds stuffy and conventional, but this formal attire can actually be quite fun and even colorful. Check out some examples of each, plus info on the spectacular hats Middleton has requested!

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