New Song from Adele – Skyfall (VIDEO)
Adele released her new single "Skyfall" to rave reviews.  It will be the theme song for the new James Bond movie. The majestic track features a 77-piece orchestra and hopeful lyrics from Adele. The release of "Skyfall" coincides with the 50th anniversary of t…
Adele Calls Out Stars for Using Sex to Sell Music
Adele, who is pregnant with her first child, doesn't rely on having to cultivate an overtly sexual image or shilling perfume in order to sell records. She has repeatedly stated that she doesn't want to be a pop star or any sort of sex symbol. But now, she is taking pop stars who get a litt…
Is Adele Getting Engaged?
The good news keeps pouring in for Adele! The ’21′ singer announced her pregnancy last week, and now there are whispers that her man may be putting a ring on it.

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