Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys Do The Harlem Shake (VIDEO)
Well, I don't even really know what to say about this one.  The Backstreet Boys have released a video of them performing the internet craze The Harlem Shake.  In my opinion, they look like idiots.
Here's another of compilation of Harlem Shake video's that are not as creepy...
Donnie Wahlberg Manhandled By Fan at NKOTBSB Show [VIDEO]
Uh Oh.. ~Erin
The New Kids on the Block may not have to deal with as many screaming crowds as they used to, but for some fans, the ’80s never ended – and they aren’t shy about letting the band know.
Donnie Wahlberg got a reminder of this during a recent stop on the New Kids’ joint tour with the Backst…
New Kids & Backstreet Release Single
Boy bands unite!  The New Kids & The Backstreet Boys release a single
Have you ever wondered what love sounds like? Is it a pounding heart beating rapidly against the soothing backdrop of waves crashing on the beach? Is it the sound of a crackling fire offset by the loud pop of a champag…