Justin Bieber’s Batbike Birthday Present
Justin Bieber already has a Batmobile like car - why not a motorcycle too? Justin Bieber's father, Jeremy, gave Justin a customized motorcycle he calls the Bat Bike. The personalize vehicle features a mixture of Batman and Bieber customization...
In My Next 30 Years….
I admit it, I am a country girl at heart!  One legendary country tune by Tim McGraw is "My Next 30 Years", where he talks about what he wants to accomplish after turning 3o.  Today is my 30th's Birthday - so here's my own personal version....
Lady Gaga Turns 25
Lady Gaga celebrated her 25th birthday yesterday in a very low key fashion! is reporting that Gaga's friends threw her a surprise birthday party at a Mexican restaurant called La Cita Bar in Los Angeles.