Improv Everywhere Santa Flash Mob Musical [VIDEO]
We made a post just a few hours ago of our favorite Christmas flash mobs but we somehow over looked one of the greatest ones. Check out this amazing performance at a New Jersey mall. Grab some holiday treats and sit back and enjoy!
Big Kid and Little Kid Show Off Amazing Dance Moves [VIDEO]
One of the downsides to YouTube is that it provides a steady stream of stark evidence that you are not a very good dancer.
The latest set of humbling dance moves comes from what we believe to be two brothers, one big and one small.
As you can see, the smaller of the duo can match any move the bigger f…
Happy Halloween – Michael Jackson Video Tribute
You may have already seen this video but seeing as today is Halloween we thought we might spread a little "Thriller" in celebration. Hopefully you all had a fun and safe Halloween weekend and there is still Trick-R-Treating tonight