Turns Out There Is a Difference Between Dog People and Cat People
We’ve all made the assumptions about a person based on whether they own a cat or a dog. But do these stereotypes have any basis in real life?
The folks at set out to answer that question by polling nearly 200,000 pet owners on whether they have a cat or a dog and then crossing that informat…
Best of The Best Dogs
I absolutely love dogs - so I love seeing the pictures each year from the Westminster Dog Show.  This year the winner was Hickory - and he's alot different that winners in the past!
A Dog With A Vocab?
This dog makes my doggies look - well - uneducated :)
They say every dog has its day — and Wednesday was that day for Chaser, a 7-year-old border collie whose owner purports that the dog can recognize 1,022 nouns. On TODAY, Chaser demonstrated that dogs may have some of the same capability to l…
It’s Me Or The Dog?

If someone said that to me I would foot stomp them and kick them out the door.  My dogs are my family.  What do you think?
A new poll from asked pet owners if they'd dump their pet or their spouse/significant other if they had to give up one. The vast majority -- 84 percent -- said the…

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