Live Video Stream of Turmoil in Egypt [VIDEO]
USA Today has put the number of deaths above 200. According to the Interior Minister, Mohammed Ibrahim, 43 policemen were killed.
Tragic events unfolded in Egypt's capitol this morning as the government opened fire on protesters in support of ousted former President Mohammed Morsi. Over 100 are rep…
Why Hello, My Name Is Facebook
Succeeding in revolution after days of protesting, Egyptians have one large 'Thank You' they want to extend; And it's to Facebook. One man is even reported as saying he will name his first daughter after the social-networking giant.
Egypt Revolution Will Make More Than Just Headlines In America
The president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, has resigned in response to the ongoing protesting. What does this mean for the country of Egypt and the rest of the world? With the world as small as it is now, when will we feel this tidal wave of revolution hit America? In the digital age, Egypt's revol…