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Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris Wedding Called Off
Hugh Hefner's 25 year old fiancee called off the wedding yesterday just days before it was set to take place.  Do you think she got cold feet?  ~Erin
Well, so much for that: Hugh Hefner confirmed Tuesday that his wedding to 25-year-old model Crystal Harris has been called off...
Hangover II – My Take!
Maybe it was due to the widespread rain across the US over Memorial Day Weekend - but Hangover II released to ginormous numbers!  My friends and I went on Saturday and not only bought our tickets early (for the 4:45 show!) - we didn't even get close to being able to sit together...
‘Jersey Shore’ Stars in Fist-Fight in Italy
This doesn't surprise me one bit!  Ronnie and the stupid, I mean The Situation finally go at it on next seasons Jersey Shore.  Will you be watching?
File this one under “duh.”
According to TMZ, ‘Jersey Shore’ stars Mike “The Situa…
Kim Kardashian Is Engaged
Ok, now don't get me wrong - I am happy for Kim Kardashian on her engagement.  BUT - I think it's almost the ultimate example of what some celebrities will do for a reality TV show.  I am not saying that she isn't madly in love with Kris Humphries - but OF COURSE People Maga…
Dancing With The Stars Crowns Winner!
I have to say, I think this year was the most entertaining on Dancing With The Stars.  Did you watch?  What do you think of the winner?
Two-time Super Bowl champion Hines Ward added another trophy to his collection Tuesday evening, as the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver was named the winn…
Brad Pitt Hoping to Work With Angelina Jolie Again
In my opinion I thought Brad & Angelina made a great movin in Mr. & Mrs. Smith!  If they were to make another movie together, would you watch?  ~Erin
“Mr. & Mrs. Smith Part Two,” anyone?
While at the Cannes Film Festival this week, Brad Pit…

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