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Hugh Says No Prenup With Crystal
He's on his third attempt at marriage, and this time it might be true love. It appears that way because the millionaire isn't protecting himself with a prenuptial. I kind of agree that if you really do care for someone, losing them would be worse than losing your money. Good for Hugh!
Charlie Sheen Booed – He Thinks He “Won”
Can anyone stop this train wreck?  I am sorry but someone needs to!
A sold-out crowd of more than 4,500 packed into the Fox Theater in Detroit on Saturday, curious to lay eyes on the media spectacle that has become Charlie Sheen. But from all reports, it was a thoroughly disastrous night for t…
Katie Couric To Host Talk Show?
Would you watch Katie Couric's Talk Show?
Rumors have been swirling for weeks about what Katie Couric will do when her CBS contract expires this summer. Now, The Associated Press reports that she is heading to fill the Oprah-sized hole in the daytime talk show lineup.
Going Country Pays For Pop Artists

It seems like the line between country and pop music has been increasingly blurry lately.  What do you think?
Gaga and Bieber are both dipping into the country music waters. Lady Gaga has turned 'Born This Way' into a country beat, ostensibly titled, 'The Country Road Version,' and Bieber just releas…
Jersey Shore Contract Disputes Threaten Season 4
Seems like MTV makes a boatload of cash off these guys, my guess is maybe they should give them what they want!
Déjà vu -- for the second straight season, rumors are swirling around the 'Jersey Cast' shore refusing to film until more lucrative contracts are hammered out. Thing…
Britney Spears Sued For 10 Million!
With all the lawyers, consultants, business managers ect. - you would think celebrities could stay out of trouble!
Britney Spears is being sued by former business partners for breach of contract, fraud and deceit, RadarOnline.com reports. The $10 million suit was filed Wednesday in Los Angeles County…
Real Housewives Of New Jersey Up To No Good – Again
The Real Housewives Of New Jersey are proving to be the group of ladies that gets in trouble the most!  It looks like Teresa Giudice can't escape a fight, even when she is in another country.
According to RadarOnline.com, details have emerged about a bar brawl that took place between the cast of 'The…
Dancing With The Stars Week 2!
Mike Catherwood is the first to be sent home on "Dancing with the Stars" season 12.   Dancers are eliminated using a combination of the judges' scores and audience votes for their two routines.

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