Apples Increase Muscle Tone and Reduce Fat: Study
Looking for something yummy AND good for you?  Go back to the "Apple A Day" mentality.  Check out this article!
Will an apple a day actually make you a big hit on the beach?
It’s possible, as new research suggests that ursolic acid, which is found in abundan…
Food Pyramid Gets a Makeover
The Food Pyramid has been revamped by the USDA.  Is this something you even pay attention to?  What do you think of the new "pyramid"? ~Erin
The food pyramid, which since 1992 has demonstrated the proper amount of grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat a person shoul…
Join MY 103.5 At The Babes In Bozeman Expo! TODAY!
MY 103.5 is excited to be involved in the 2nd Annual Babes In Bozeman Expo at the Holiday Inn TODAY!  The Expo will have everything from custom baby gifts to healthcare providers and local baby and family businesses!  ALSO – free classes and demos all day...
Top 5 Sensational Superfoods
The really cool part of my job is I get to meet cool people from all over the valley. Two very cool ladies I got the opportunity to spend some time with are Drs Tanda Cook & Sarah Marshall. The masterminds behind Clearwater Healthcare, where they look for natural ways to manage your health. …
How Long Does Food Last?
I looked these up recently, and here's what I found!
Keep these use-by dates in mind when stocking your kitchen.
Bread 5–7 days
Cereal 1 year
Pasta 2 years
Easter Egg Crafts
I have a problem when it comes to decorating my home for a few of the holidays.  One being Easter.  I don't have children, and struggle to find a cute centerpiece for the table right when you walk in my font door.  Here's some fun ones I found online - do you have any Easter…
Rachel Zoe Is A Mom!
Rachel Zoe is a mom!  Do you watch her show?  That's bananas!
Rachel Zoe and husband Rodger Berman welcomed their first child last week and Wednesday the stylist posted her first photos of little Skyler Morrison. "The 2 loves of my life...@rbermanus and Skyler Morrison. My l…

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