The Simplest Way To Improve Your Run
I suck at running, BUT am determined to run my second ever 5K the end of September to benefit Haven!  Here's a great article about improving your run! ~Erin
Whether you’re propelling yourself across a finish line or racing around the block, your lungs are just as important as your legs. After all, …
Who Is Ready To Get In Shape With Me?
MY 103.5 & Gold's Gym is proud to bring the Biggest Loser Contest to Bozeman! Join me for this 8 week program that focuses on Nutrition and Personal Training and get in shape!
This is a complete program, in which participants will lose weight with the help of Gold's Gym's top trainers.  All cont…
Stop Being Bored While Working Out
Do you have any tricks to passing the time while you work out?  Sure magazines and books are good - but its hard to read and run.  Here are some great ideas about how to keep workouts fun!
What You Should Be Adding To Your Workout
By: Chris Hondros Collection: Getty Images News
I work out a fair amount, but I never lift weights!  Do you?  Looks like we should be!
Just because you're not vying for 20-inch biceps or thunderously strong thighs like the muscle heads in the gym doesn't mean you should shun the weight room. Lifting w…