Highest Paid Actresses In Hollywood
If your name is Jennifer and you're thinking of getting into acting, it might just work out for you. Jennifers hold two out of the top three spots in the list of highest paid actresses in Hollywood.
Kim Kardashian Most “Overexposed” Celebrity
No surprise here, Kim Kardashian made number 1 on the Forbes "overexposed" celebrity list.  Of course over the past year we have watched her fall in love (supposedly), get married, divorced, flour bombed and more. Not shocking, her sisters Khloe and Kourtney also made the top …
Bozeman Is Growing And Growing
Bozeman ranks in the Top 3 of the fastest growing small towns in America. Did you fee like there were less parking spots, more bikers on the road, and less movie theater seats to choose from? Being here for the past 6 years I've noticed a slight change but did not realize how fast it really is …