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Britney Spears Buys New Mansion
If I were Britney, I would enjoy buying new real estate a ton!  Think about it - I want a view of the ocean - ok now the mountains - ok now....You have to admit, THAT would be fun!
Jessica Alba is Preggo!
Up next in the Hollywood Baby Train is Jessica Alba!
Jessica Alba is pregnant. The actress announced on Facebook that she and husband Cash Warren are expecting their second child together.
Andy Cohen Is Brilliant
Heidi Montag is on the top of  my list of "wish I would never hear from again celebrities".   And now she's trying to creep in on my favorite show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!  Thank you Andy Cohen for being brilliant!
Kim Kardashian A Pop Star?
I am just going to be blunt - I hate when people who have no business being in the music world decide to release an album.   I believe that music is inspired by culture, years of work, and respect. Recently it was  Kim Zolziak from the Real Housewives, Up next - Kim Kardashian.  …
Gift Worth Giving – Finalist Couple #3
Volunteering is the main focus for Finalist Couple #3 - Steven Costle & Kristin Lambers!  Both Bozeman natives, these two are high school sweethearts who's focus is to change the world.  These two put themselves out there in the community constantly, and now is there chance to…
Gift Worth Giving – Finalist Couple #2
Finalist Couple #2 for the Gift Worth Giving is Tanner Lagge & Heidi Turney!  These two are from Dillon, MT .  They dated briefly when they were younger and met up again as adults.  Heidi grew up very close with her 4 siblings , and unfortunately lost her dad due to a tragic a…
Who Wore What To The Grammy’s
The Grammy Red Carpet is the most watched carpet of all of the award shows!  My favorites from this year - Katy Perry, Nicole Kidman, and Jennifer Hudson!  And of course - everyone's talking about Lady GaGa!

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