Best Places in Bozeman for a Bachelorette Party – Our Top Five
Being in charge of a Bachelorette Party around Bozeman is a big responsibility but we've come up with some good ideas to get you started on the best bachelorette party in and around Bozeman. It's all about good friends hanging out in a good place, so here's what we came up with:
John Daly Tees Off…On a Woman’s Mouth! [VIDEO]
John Daly may not have won the Masters last week (heck he wasn't even in the field), but that didn't stop him from hitting perhaps the tournament's most memorable shot.
Check out Daly, who's known for his prodigious drives, as he uses a woman's mouth as a tee while driving a …
Greatest Golf Recovery Shot Ever [VIDEO]
Golf is a tricky game that will have you hating it and loving it within the same 10 minutes. This golfer managed to hit the ball in the opposite direction of the hole off a fence post and dang near makes the shot. I hope you never have to try this shot but if you do, do it like this guy.
Will Hovercraft Be New Version Of Golf Cart? (VIDEO)
Attention golfers!  How would you like to "hover" around the course rather than driving traditional golf carts?  Well if you ask Bubba Watson and Oakley their version of the golf hovercraft will be the new way to get around your favorite course...

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