Lip Reading NFL Games – HILARIOUS (VIDEO)
Have you ever been watching football and wonder what they are saying on the sidelines?  Well someone came up with a hilarious version of what they could be talking about.  If you are a football fan, make sure you watch this one.  Oh - And Go Packers 2013 - 2014...
Betty White’s – Off Their Rocker (VIDEO)
I saw the new Betty White show when I was back at home in North Dakota - and I found it REALLY funny!  Last night I finally saw it on the Directv guide, and had to turn the channel. I absolutely love her humor and this show.  Have you seen it...
Sports FAILS (Video)
As I have been watching the Olympics - I have noticed how easy the athletes make their particular sport look.  Well, turns out their moves are not so simple.  Check out this video of some EPIC Fails!  Need a laugh, click this video!

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