Hushush Electronic Music Festival This Saturday (VIDEO)
It's less than a week away!  The annual HUSHUSH Electronic Music Festival is Saturday at the Kountz arena!  What can you expect?  Watch this video to see!
The lineup includes Beats Antique, VibeSquaD, Gladkill, Sugarpill and Chachi.  This is a 16 years and older show...
Hushush Electronic Music Festival Tomorrow!
HUSHUSH from ProGreen Productions on Vimeo.
The one and only Electronic Music Festival is coming to Bozeman for one huge night of music - tomorrow night its the HUSHUSH Festival at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds!
HUSHUSH 2012 Preview Playlist
You may think that this weekend's HUSHUSH music festival isn't for you. You're right the music is a bit different than what we normally get here in Bozeman but that's all the better reason to check out the show if you've never been. No other chance will you have to see a liv…
Electronic Music – Where Did It Come From (VIDEO)
The Hushush music festival is coming up here in Bozeman on October 6th! If you are like me and love music history - you may have thought, what the heck is Electronic Music and where and the heck did it come from?  This video is a great documentary explaining the history and giving great example…
2012 HUSHUSH Festival – Bozeman Montana
The HUSHUSH Festival is back October the 6th 2012 in the Indoor Arena of the Gallatin County Fairgrounds!  Love electronic music?  This one's for you! Performances by Jason Root, Treasure Fingers, MartyParty and MIMOSA!