This Is What Happens When Jay-Z Rides the Subway [VIDEO]
En route to his eighth sold-out show at Brooklyn's Barclays Center on Saturday, rap superstar Jay-Z decided to forego the cushy limos and travel like his fans do -- on the subway. But lest you think he just paid his fare and blended into the crowd, no. No he did not.
Beyonce & Jay-Z – Forever Young Performed Live (VIDEO)
Beyonce joined her hubby Jay Z on stage for his final night of the opening of Barclay - the amphitheater he helped build.  This was the final night of and 8 sold out show run.  He will release a live recording of the shows called “Live in Brooklyn” tomorrow on i…
Jay-Z Launches Facebook Game App
We know that Jay-Z doesn’t play games when it comes to his business. That’s why he’s among the wealthiest rap moguls in hip-hop. But if you ever wondered how Jay flips his business deals — there’s an app for that.

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