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Runner-Up for Best Selfie: Jimmy Kimmel and The Clintons
What did you do this weekend? Saw friends, enjoyed spring, took a walk, had a picnic, slept in? Cool. Jimmy Kimmel zipped down to Arizona to take pictures with the Clinton clan -- the entire Clinton clan -- so we're going to have to go ahead and crown the late-night host the king of t…
Watch Jessica Alba and More Celebs Read Mean Tweets
On a good day, Twitter is used as a social media platform where others can connect and interact in a cordial way. On a bad day, people hide behind their handles and unleash some harsh thoughts into the Twittersphere. But thanks to the folks at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' the bad days just got bet…
Kids Talk Politics On Jimmy Kimmel Live [VIDEO]
Sometimes it is great to think back on being a kid when politics was such foreign word. Jimmy Kimmel interviews a few second graders who know very little about politics but still give some clever answers. What age do you want your kids to begin learning about politics?

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